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For a long time, unhealthy fast-food was essentially the only way to get a cheap, convenient meal. But over the past decade, meal delivery services have redefined the speed and quality of time-saving meals. Today, services like Factor offer a plethora of eye-opening benefits that make staying nourished on-the-go easier than ever.

To understand just how beneficial a fully-prepared meal delivery service can be, here are some of the primary benefits they have to offer:

Save Time & Energy

A 2018 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that Americans were spending an average of 1 hour and 46 minutes each day on household activities, including food prep and cleanup. And this is in addition to people’s already busy lifestyles. [1]

Many people are forced to balance never-ending lists of commitments and jam-packed schedules. At the end of the day, the last thing you want to think about is what to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And before you can even start cooking, you have to allow time for travel, shopping and meal prep. 

All that time can quickly add up.

Fully-prepared meal delivery services allow you to enjoy a delicious meal in a snap! And, for services that deliver fully-prepared meals, this means no more travel to the store, shopping, meal planning, cooking or clean-up. You simply need to heat your meal in the oven or microwave, and- voila! You now have a delicious meal in minutes minimal effort required!


Healthy Options without the Hassle

Historically, meal delivery services offered convenience but lacked nutritional quality. From pizza delivery to Chinese takeout delivered by UberEats, greasy meals packed with preservatives and hormones were essentially your only convenient options. 

However,  in recent years meal delivery companies have increasingly focused on the nutritional quality of their meals. In fact, many services are now offering diet-specific options for people following a particular lifestyle (e.g., keto or Paleo). They also are catering towards those with food allergies, such as those who are gluten-intolerant. No matter your lifestyle or dietary preferences, finding a meal that meets your personal needs is easier than ever.

Enjoy a Gourmet Meal in a Snap

Not a whiz in the kitchen? No problem! Whether you’re ordering from a fully-prepared meal or meal kit delivery service, these companies take care of all the culinary considerations for you. Whether you’re following step-by-step directions on a recipe card or simply popping a meal in the microwave, eating 5-star quality cuisine has never been easier. 

Even if you like to cook, you’ll be able to enjoy new and exciting recipes outside of your culinary wheelhouse. Plus, most of these services offer an entire menu of chef-prepared options.  


Save Money

While meal delivery services have a reputation for their premium-pricing, they can actually save you money when you do the math. Grocery trips for ingredients can quickly add up. Plus, when you’re cooking at home, ingredients often go to waste. According to the UN, 133 billion pounds of edible food, with a value of more than $161 billion, is wasted each year. [2]

Also, many recipes you’d make at home are for multiple servings, so if you’re only cooking for one or two people, you’re likely to let some food go to waste. Prepared meal delivery services are pre-portioned, which means there’s virtually no food waste. You get (and use) what you pay for.

It’s Better for the Environment

While meal delivery services may not seem too environmentally friendly, recent studies suggest that they are much more eco-friendly than traditional grocery stores. 

One study found that the greenhouse gas emissions from grocery stores can be up to 33% higher than those of meal kits. The study also found that “lower last-mile transportation emissions (−0.45 kg CO2e/meal), appear to be sufficient to offset observed increases in packaging (0.17 kg CO2e/meal).You can now enjoy a delicious meal while also reducing your carbon footprint.  [3]


One Meal Delivery Service Has it All: Factor_

If you’re looking for a meal delivery service that’s the total package, Factor is it. They take all the stress out of healthy meal planning with their easy-to-manage subscription service. You have the flexibility to choose 4, 6, 8, 12 or 18 meals a week. Fully-cooked meals are delivered directly to your door in one weekly shipment, and you can choose new meals each week from their rotating menu. Meals are ready to eat and simply need to be heated in the microwave or oven. 

Factor is very strict about what they put in their meals, and Factor’s chefs use only the best and freshest ingredients available. Every meal is free of gluten, hormones, GMOs and preservatives. The menu even touts a variety of meals to fit different dietary needs and preferences, such as keto and Paleo

Factor’s expert team of dietitians helps design their portion-controlled meals to optimize the nutrition. You can even enjoy a complimentary phone consultation to help guide you in choosing your meals and maximizing your results.  

Click here to learn more about how Factor can meet all of your meal delivery needs.



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