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From fitness and food to style and society, we have our finger on the pulse of today’s latest trends.

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At Underscore, the facts come first. Every article we publish is evaluated and edited for accuracy of information.

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Our editorial staff is composed of industry-leading experts grounded in years of professional health and wellness experience.

Our Editorial Staff

Brenna Wallace, MS, RDN, LDN
Brenna received her Bachelor’s in Dietetics from Michigan State University and completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition at Rush University Medical Center. She’s passionate about nutrition, mood disorders, intuitive eating and critical care.

Brenna focuses on helping clients navigate their relationships with food and block out the distractions brought on by diet culture and media misinformation. She strives to inspire others to take a personalized approach to all things healthy living.

Kara Kash RD, LDN
Kara is a registered dietitian who received her Bachelor’s in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition through the University of Alabama.

Kara personally understands the difficulty of nurturing a healthy relationship with food and finding balance. Her passion is to help others navigate the complex world of food, push past the media noise and find ways to nourish their mind, body and spirit.

Carlie Williams, RDN, LD, NASM CPT
Carlie is a registered dietitian and NASM certified personal trainer who received her Bachelor’s in Dietetics from the University of Minnesota. She completed her dietetic internship at Wellness Workdays, with a concentration in Sports Nutrition.

Carlie is passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves through nutrition and wellness. She strives to help people set realistic, sustainable goals and develop a positive relationship with food. Her interests include weight management, sports nutrition, mindfulness and emotional eating.