What’s the Limit on Carbs I can Eat on the Keto Diet?

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I just started the keto diet and I’m trying to figure out what meals I can and can’t eat. What’s the limit on the number of carbs I can eat per meal to stay in ketosis?


Thanks for reaching out with your question! This is a frequent question we receive from first-time keto customers, as learning the ropes can take a little bit of time. As a rule of thumb, most people can consume between 20 to 55g of net carbs – which is different than total carbs – daily and maintain a state of moderate ketosis. However, what is most important is to understand your body’s range (a.k.a. carb threshold).

If you’re on the lower end – 20 to 30g of net carbs – and craving a dish that contains 17g of net carbs, you can consume it without worrying by taking a few simple precautions. First, be sure to eat it during the most active part of your day or before an intense workout. When you’re active, your muscles burn through the glucose in your blood. Second, be sure to keep your carb consumption as minimal as possible for the rest of the day.

With the keto diet, it’s all about fitting the puzzle pieces together to hit an approximate macro ratio of 70-percent fat, 20-percent protein and 10-percent carbs each day.

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James Gardikas

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