10 Calorie-Burning Outdoor Activities to Try this Spring

10 Calorie-Burning Outdoor Activities to Try this Spring
Winter is finally over, and the weather is starting to heat up, opening the door to a plethora of calorie-burning outdoor activities that weren’t an option during the colder months. That’s an exciting prospect for those of us looking to stay active, burn calories and stay (or get) in shape. But with so many options under the sun, it can be tough to decide what activity is right for you.
To help you spring into shape and select an outdoor activity that’s ideal for your lifestyle and fitness routine, here’s a list of calorie-burning outdoor activities to try this spring:

1. Hiking

Calories Burned: 360 to 532 per hour

Whether you live near the coast or up in the mountains, hitting the trails for a hike is a great way to get back in touch with nature while also keeping yourself active. What’s more, there is growing evidence that shows exploring nature can help alleviate stress and anxiety associated with the constant stimulation of city life. For those new to exploring nature, there are apps that can help you find a quality trail. [1]

2. Kayaking

Calories Burned: 300 to 444 per hour

For those with the privilege of living near a large body of water, kayaking is another calorie-torching outdoor activity to consider. Like hiking, it can be serene and relaxing. You can also pair up with a partner in a tandem kayak. Just be sure your partner is prepared to paddle at a similar speed, or you may be burning more calories than you anticipated.

3. Cycling (14 to 15.9 MPH)

Calories Burned: 600 to 888 per hour

Road Cycling
For those seeking a fast-paced activity that cranks up the calorie burning, road cycling might be right up your alley. Just one hour of pedaling will help you burn more calories than you’ll consume in most Factor meals and take you to parts previously unknown (or at least unexplored.) Don’t have proper cycling gear? No worries! You don’t need to don head-to-toe polyester to reap the benefits of this outdoor activity. Casual activewear is more than suitable, so long as your shorts or pants legs don’t dangle near the pedals and chains.

4. Golf (Carrying Clubs)

Calories Burned: 330 to 488 per hour

For those looking for a more leisurely way to stay active outdoors, golf is a reliable go-to. And, while it’s not the calorie-torcher that cycling or handball (see below) is, opting to carry your clubs, rather than drive a cart or have a caddie carry them, helps increase the number of calories you’ll burn. What’s more, a full 18 holes will most likely take a few hours, extending the amount of time you’re staying active.

5. Rock Climbing

Calories Burned: 480 to 710 per hour

Outdoor Activities - Rock Climbing
For the truly adventurous crowd, rock climbing is one action sport that is among the most exciting calorie-burning outdoor activities. As an added bonus, it’s also an excellent way to increase your grip strength. However, this outdoor option is not for the faint of heart and should be done with experienced professionals, so plan accordingly.

6. Scuba Diving

Calories Burned: 420 to 622 per hour

10 Calorie-Burning Outdoor Activities to Try this Spring
While this idea may come as a surprise to some, scuba diving is a full-body workout that can be surprisingly taxing. In fact, scuba diving burns the same amount of calories as jogging at 5 miles per hour. Couple that with the serene sensation of exploring the underwater world and you can see why scuba diving is an enjoyable and effective calorie-burning activity.

7. Water Skiing & Wakeboarding

Calories Burned: 360 to 532 per hour

10 Calorie-Burning Outdoor Activities to Try this Spring
For those seeking aquatic calorie-burning outdoor activities that don’t require going below the surface, water skiing or wakeboarding is a proven way to burn calories. While you aren’t moving your limbs, staying balanced as you glide across the water requires your core muscles to stay actively engaged, resulting in a fair amount of calorie burning compared to other outdoor activities.

8. Basketball (Game)

Calories Burned: 480 to 710

10 Calorie-Burning Outdoor Activities to Try this Spring
For the competitive crowd, a game of pickup basketball is a surefire way to burn calories while enjoying the outdoors. Whether you thrive shooting threes from long-range or in the paint, the constant back-and-forth running and jumping can help you burn calories quickly.

9. Flag Football

Calories Burned: 480 to 710

10 Calorie-Burning Outdoor Activities to Try this Spring
Another popular option for athletes is a good old fashion game of flag football. The quick, explosive plays that make this game so exciting also burn an extensive amount of calories. Don’t own flags? Not a problem! Two-hand touch is a sufficient substitute that will burn a nearly identical amount of calories.

10. Handball

Calories Burned: 720 to 1066

10 Calorie-Burning Outdoor Activities to Try this Spring
In shocking fashion, the game that many of us grew up playing in the schoolyard burns more calories than all of the other outdoor activities mentioned on this list! While that is fairly shocking, it actually makes sense when you consider the amount of nonstop body movement the game requires. [2]

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